3 Deep Sea Fishing (Reel Suprise )

3 Deep Sea Fishing (Reel Suprise )

Reel Surprise Charters

Location at: SanRoc Cay Marina

27267 Perdido Beach Blvd.,
Orange Beach, AL 36561


email: info@reelsurprisecharters.com

17 thoughts on “3 Deep Sea Fishing (Reel Suprise )

  1. Paul

    Trigger fish is tasty. Why throw it back? I fish out in Africa, and its amazing how much fish you can catch. A lot of areas are still not overfished.

  2. Paul

    Just saw the end. What can you finally keep. I would just take out my own rod and reel and bait a good size mullet with a 200lb leader and 80lb braided on an Avet Raptor reel.

  3. chewbactimusprime

    This kind of fishing is fine, and if it was the only kind of fishing, man would have hardly any impact at all on the fish populations. It’s the boats laying out 30 mile nets that are doing the damage, and that’s why there isn’t hardly any fishing season in my region anymore. Used to be in the summer you could just about jump from boat to boat to boat till you hit Vancouver Island without getting your feet wet..now there’s nothing. No boats, no fishing..it’s sad.

  4. donny bass

    This happens allot when we go out so i wasn’t thinking that was a suprise though but it always freaks you out the first time it happens, and it sucks.

  5. Call 911 For Cookies

    its like you think your haveing fun fishing and all you do is hold a rod and those dudes do everthing else you dont even touch your fish XD

  6. bogen broom

    ‘ Fishing for the Flat and Motionless Earth ‘…..Water is always Level !
    Watch – ‘200 proofs the Earth is NOT a spinning Ball ‘… by Eric Dubay …..time to wake up!