About Us

We like fishing and nature

Who is Seattle Ikes and what do we do?

We like things the simple way, and that started long ago.

Back in 1985 Our fishing outfit started off, taking small groups of folks fishing in the rivers, lakes, and creeks around Seattle, WA. We would show off our favorite fishing spots, while also teaching the people on our tours about the environmental impacts that human activity had on the ecosystem and fish habitats.

Nowadays we still enjoy our fishing, but we do a little less guiding and a little more recreational fishing. Despite that we still have a passion for the ecosystem, so this site is here for you to see our fishing adventures, keep of with fishing techniques, see the beauty of fishing & nature, and to learn a bit about the environment along the way.

We sure do hope that you enjoy what we have to offer here, and perhaps you’ll even have a laugh or two. Plus, we do consider ourselves to be pretty darn good fishermen, with even better fishing tales to go with it.