Alaska Yukon River Fishwheel Catching Salmon Stan Zuray

Alaska Yukon River Fishwheel Catching Salmon Stan Zuray

Fishwheel catching salmon during the height of a record 2005 fall chum salmon run on the Yukon River. As with many runs of fish everywhere, long periods of time (days and weeks) can pass without a single one caught. On this day that was not the case as you can see. 6/10/13 note: A long time ago I said I’d not be commenting anymore on the video due to negative comments but would not delete them either. Lately the video has gained quite a bit of views and with that some pretty vicious and ridiculous comments from people who get a kick out of being negative about things they have no clue about. This fishery supports native and rural fishermen living up and down the Yukon River. The fall chum salmon shown here numbered about 1 million into the river last year and is considered by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game to be underutilized on many years and in particular this year 2005 in the video. Nobody is killing any run off here with this traditional fishing. I will be deleting all negative comments I feel are not sincere at my leisure and discretion from now on. The Management

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6 thoughts on “Alaska Yukon River Fishwheel Catching Salmon Stan Zuray

  1. betty kuykendall

    Even if it was 10 years ago. I just subbed to your channel. I used to faithfully watch the TV show until I stopped cable due to the high cost and millions of commercials.
    I also follow you on facebook.

  2. Rocky Ethridge

    Great Video Stan. If you ever want to hunt Big Whitetail or Eastern Wild Turkey in Kentucky. Get with me Brother 👍

  3. Kevin Starks

    Yeah, it’s a good thing I didn’t see this as a kid, dad handed me a zebco 303 reel and said get dinner… had I watched this I’d have gotten the chainsaw and gone to work…lol