Beginner’s How to Catch Salmon on Floats – Part Two

Beginner’s How to Catch Salmon on Floats – Part Two

How to Catch Salmon, once again, a slightly informative video on what I use and how I rig my floats for salmon. Learning to catch salmon is “stupid” easy. Rig your float setup so the eggs are at the same level as the salmon, and fish on.

30 thoughts on “Beginner’s How to Catch Salmon on Floats – Part Two

  1. dyeboy22

    Is there anywhere in are area that has salmon skein, or can I buy egg sacs from my local baits shop and sprinkle the cure on them

  2. Chenla Yin

    thanks, I live in Seattle and starting to enjoy fishing as hobbies, great video and very informative.

  3. William Panitch

    I was always under the impression that you couldn’t use lures on the Salmon River in Pulaski. I am going to get the rules of the river, and once I confirm, the first thing I do is by those lures you showed Thanks . Bill P.

  4. Martin Kirsch

    Hello Great video…When is the best time of year to fish with the bobber and eggs on the Salmon River? TY

  5. Lee MayorOFF

    Grate info and I will try it in Scotland just one problem to get a salmon egg but I have some in ebay to try it its was with garlic I hope its works)))))

  6. maydanlex

    Went out a couple of days ago. Stream was thick with Salmon but hardly any bites. I was using eggs until an older guy suggested a “Wee Willie” fly. It worked. Still….for the amount of Salmon hanging about it was tough.They just weren’t biting. They may have seen the Wee Willie as a threat to their eggs but just guessing. Thanks for the Video.

  7. cyberscope

    I was fishing for salmon in Pulaski last weekend and got no bites. Then the next day a gentleman told me the fish won’t bite anything so to just use a hook and weight 4 feet up and snag with a fly rod. To me, I thought that was illegal, but even if it was legal it’s just not exciting. Especially, when the fish aren’t there and you are competing for a pool that someone claimed all day. Is he right or is there anything else I can do?

  8. Robert Rummy

    Very cool I do steel head and salmon fish and I’m constantly out fished by everyone .i hope this works. Could be I hate fishing elbow to elbow too.

  9. David Dibble

    would you still use the red or pink egg cure if the water is low and clear? also, can you use slip flouts in water that is shallow or is it best to fish it in deeper water?

  10. Robert Wray

    Thanks for all your time, the Credit is where i will be fishing this year for the first Time

  11. Kent Kuholski

    What size spin cast reel do you use and also is a 9′ noodle rod ok or do i need something with more backbone?

  12. matty d

    I disagree , Ive been fishing those Salmon for 25yrs and never use cured eggs and only fresh floating egg sacs usually Selkirk and catch them all night long

  13. princeofcats78

    do you think that using pautzke cure on pieces of raw chicken would work? i have to imagine that the cure is overpowering the natural odor of the eggs. you could cut/dice it up a little so it looked similar to a piece of skin too

  14. Jake Visser

    If I were to cure my eggs with this stuff what is the minimal time I would have to wait before I would be able to fish with them.