Catching Huge Salmon!!!

Catching Huge Salmon!!!

Best Salmon catching technique at Eagle Bay

12 thoughts on “Catching Huge Salmon!!!

  1. Chris The Hobby Guy

    Australia has the best salmon in the world…That is a great tip for catching salmon…..great video

  2. Off The Hook Videos

    Thanks Chris, and yes Australian salmon are quite nice, Atlantic’s are to though of course!

  3. silni

    Rename this rubbish video as “beginners way of fishing salmon(casting for one at least)

  4. plasta masta

    Wow what a waste of time “sit here for a few hours and you might get a salmon”??? Hahaha come to canada well show you what salmon fishing is. Stick to carp prob more your speed.

  5. Aaron Quezada

    Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฒ love the full body casting one hand finish, I’m sure you can cast further just moving the arms