Coastal Bushcraft: Two Days Fishing & Camping

Coastal Bushcraft: Two Days Fishing & Camping

In this video I spend four days by the coastline with a good friend, fishing, hunting, camping and practicing bushcraft skills utilising many of the natural resources in the area. I thought I would share some of the experience.
Thanks for watching.

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26 thoughts on “Coastal Bushcraft: Two Days Fishing & Camping

  1. Jnb21

    Not only is the information and knowledge priceless, the production quality is stunning. wish I could go out there with ya.

  2. Victor !

    Lovely video. Like what you bring into it, keep up the good work. One thing tho do smash the fish head but use the knife to do it swiftly.

  3. runkorko

    The guy with you is a rookie. His pose, his phisic, his red face, the way he cary his gun (i wont even coment that weapon)… i can go on and on . Hes kinda rusty or damn rookie. Stil great video. Thanks!

  4. Eric Graham Campbell

    I am a professional fishermen l do a lot of fishing all year long now that l have a lot of time on my hands

  5. Rick Greenhalgh

    For one horrible moment i thought you were going to re-enact a scene from ‘Ghost’. Looks like a really nice weekend though and inspirational.

  6. Ben Turner

    Hey MCQ, I know obviously you don’t want to divulge specific locations but a rough location would be awesome. I live in South London and am starting to get into fishing and bushcraft and this location is simply stunning! I’m thinking west country? Another question mate… Do you do any bushcraft fairs or meet ups? Thanks Mike . Ben

  7. Joseph Pessotti

    Double barrel 16 or 20 gauge? I use a !6 gauge double barrel.And a 4 10 double barrel for rabbit.