Fishing in Alaska: Part 3 – catching silver salmon and chum salmon

Fishing in Alaska: Part 3 – catching silver salmon and chum salmon

Fishing in Alaska. Part 3 of 4. Fishing for silver salmon, fishing for chum salmon and fishing for Dolly Varden with Phantom – Tri River Charters in Talkeetna. We fished on the Susitna, Talkeetna and Kashwitna rivers using salmon eggs. Had a wonderful trip to Alaska.

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35 thoughts on “Fishing in Alaska: Part 3 – catching silver salmon and chum salmon

  1. Daniel Sypult

    Love your videos man! I live in Wasilla so it’s cool seeing someone else fish up here. Although you’re the first person I’ve ever heard say that they love to catch chums hahaha

  2. jcastprod

    Nice videos and series on your Alaska trip! Question: After bonking on the head, do you bleed the salmon out?

  3. andrew jones

    That is a man who has punched a salmon before haha..keep it up great videos, as always

  4. Catch-N-Eat

    We loved chums while we lived in AK. We actually preferred cold smoking bright chums to the fattier salmon species.

  5. Marc Monteys Mecerreyes

    just a kid interested in fishing,
    why you allways pull the rod up and then start reeling in?
    is it to hook them in the hook ? how do you know when to pull?

  6. a pimp named slickback

    i feel like ive just been pn vacation watching these alaska videos. thanks for the vids luke

  7. Dino Assasin553

    6:29 “Without getting too messy”

    Luke: Bashes fishes head and blood goes everywhere

  8. Maxwell C

    my family might visit Alaska can you tell us where suggest to stay if you wanted to go fishing and when to go?

  9. GLN305

    Really enjoyed your vids! We just moved to AK, live in Wasilla and this gave me some great ideas on where to fish and take my wife fishing! thanks!

  10. Jack Fulton

    hey man i love your vids and i noticed that you said you don’t eat chum salmon. Alaska has five species of salmon and every year there are blind taste tests of those salmon to see which one tastes the best. Chum salmon has won two years in a row now,so if i were you i would really consider trying a chum salmon

  11. Thomas Norton

    I like what Luke said about when the kid wakes up at 5 in the morning and you tell mom that you’ll take care of the baby and you’re going fishing with him, she’ll let you fish all you want. That’s genius! It won’t work for me any more because my kids are 19 and 21.