Grizzly bear salmon fishing | Deep into the Wild | BBC

Grizzly bear salmon fishing | Deep into the Wild | BBC

Nick Baker gets up close and personal with a mighty grizzly bear as it fishes for salmon just a few metres away. Amazing footage from the BBC Deep into the Wild series. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:

38 thoughts on “Grizzly bear salmon fishing | Deep into the Wild | BBC

  1. steveoplacebo

    behind the camera they had 10 marksmen all ready to shot if the bear got to close.

  2. Martin716

    The fish at 1:47 was clearly a masochist – As soon as the bear bit him, he came.

  3. gar2k10staffy

    i once thought that oh its only a bear a man with a knife could probably kill a bear but i saw a real life grizzly bear a few months ago and when you see one in real life the sher presence these fuckers are like fucking battletanks the sense of terror id say he could have broke my spine with on blow from his mighty paw and he had a big powerful head too please people appreciate and respect the power of these animals

  4. Joy van den Berg

    nick baker is hot hot hot! What’s this with Discovery channel/animal planets and handsome hosts 🙂

  5. bryan carruthers

    The BBC reporter is actually sitting in the studio infront of a green screen…

  6. Tomis Muska

    wow makes me feel good that at least some large mammals are kicking ass, alaska is so remote 🙂

  7. MaxDenStore

    Bear Grylls would, skin it with he´s bare hands and eat it raw… then wear it as a suit…

  8. YIC

    nice editing but you can clearly tell that the guy’s face doesn’t belong in the video… lol looks lik they used green screen

  9. Kevin C

    BBC is so fake. That guy is nooooooooowhere near that bear. Must’ve taken green screen lessons from #CNN