How to catch Australian Salmon of the surf

How to catch Australian Salmon of the surf

A detailed description on how to target Australian Salmon of the surf. In this video we have a look at the gear, rigs, bait and method of surf fishing for Australian salmon. I also show how to bleed them and keep them ready for the frying pan.

6 thoughts on “How to catch Australian Salmon of the surf

  1. D. Figer

    Mate I’ve been watching your videos for a while, along with heaps of others, and i just wanna say your’s are the best. Hands down. Especially amongst those making fishing videos in Sydney. Keep it up. I’m learning a lot.


    Why would you want to target salmon,they are shit to eat and are a pest when targeting other species,they will eat anything no special bait needed.I will admit they are a good sport fish on light gear,other than that l would never purposly target them.They used to net them here in NSW for pet food but the arse fell out of the market.