How to Fish: Pink Salmon Spinning Setup

How to Fish: Pink Salmon Spinning Setup
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”6cN1LGC8w-A” title=”How to Fish: Pink Salmon Spinning Setup” upload_time=”2013-09-02T09:55:23.000Z” description=”For more fishing video clips, please visit: In this fishing video tutorial, we look at the spinning rod, reel and lures you need”]
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In this fishing video tutorial, we look at the spinning rod, reel and lures you need to catch pink salmon in the Fraser River.

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Camera: Rodney Hsu
Editing: Rodney Hsu
Music: Nicolas Major
Copyright: Fishing with Rod Production

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  1. Nothing wrong with braided line at all. It is preferred by beach anglers who need to achieve long distance with thin diameter lines, or by anglers who need to feel the sensitive bite without having any line stretch. Personally for this type of fishing (freshwater salmon), my preference is monofilament, but braided will do just fine for the reasons you stated.

  2. Thanks. At any rate, i love this video. Thank you for sharing it! I am your newest subscriber.

  3. Hi Just found your vids and they are awesome, I’m new to spinning fishing in the uk and ive found a rod im getting thanks to your spinning rod vid, would it be possible to do a one on selecting a good reel for spinning or is it just a case of getting one that is liked? thanks

  4. You’re welcome. The spinning reel you choose should match your target species’ size and it’ll also depend on your budget. A Shimano Sustain (or Twin Power in UK, EU etc) shown in this video retails for around $300/£150, but it is really nice to use and quite durable with proper maintenance. Entry-level spinning reels like Shimano Sahara is cheaper ($80/£40), still very nice but not as durable, better for entry-level. Reel size goes from 1000, 2500, 3000, etc. Big reel, big fish, etc. Good luck!

  5. Ok thanks for the quick reply, thanks allot for the help love your videos. keep up he good work with the good vids 😀 thanks again

  6. how do you like your purist? i got mine a few months back and i think i might have gotten a lemon, it loads the line heavily on the lower half of the spool while the top half is shallow, causing low capacity and wind knots/tangles galore, hows your purist doing?

  7. Would you consider a setup for Pinks to be adequate for Coho as well? I have a 7′ Medium power fast action Clarus rated for 6-12lb line, for the reel Im running an Abu Garcia Cardinal STX30 spooled with 10lb braid.

  8. How much did u payed for those fishing rods and spinnings. I’m getting my own for salmon and trout very soon.

  9. Have you ever thought of using braided line? I live in Florida and I fish for bass and snook and I never use mono line because of its many disadvantages. Braid is very durable and strong and is also much thinner than mono/flouro line. For the type of fishing you do, I would recommend trying some 10 powerpro but make sure to have like 30 yards of mono backing to make sure the line doesn’t slip, plus always use a 3-4 ft mono liter so the fish can’t see the line.

  10. Hey Rod, what lures do you  rccomend for the sockeye salmon on the fraser river this year?

  11. For salt water pinks, do you recommend a heavier lure or adding weight to a line ? 2015 will be a blast as well !

  12. Hey my friend said salmon fishing is really hard for me he said i need a st.croix i dont and i dont have the money and he also said that salmon u always need diffrent bait is it true

  13. Hey rodney do you have any tips for beach fishing for pink salmon and maybe coho from the shore?

  14. Purple Marabou jig works the best on humpies , my best was 80 fish in one day , all released

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