“How-To” | The Best Way to Keep Salmon Eggs on the Hook

“How-To” | The Best Way to Keep Salmon Eggs on the Hook

Salmon, trout and steelhead are going to have a hard time resisting a properly presented bait of salmon eggs. When used properly the eggs can be one of the most effective baits in any scenario of fishing.

In this video Cameron Black of Gone Catchin Guide Service demonstrates a little trick that helps keeps cured salmon eggs on your hook better using the egg loop.

To book a trip with Cameron visit: http://gonecatchin.com/

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10 thoughts on ““How-To” | The Best Way to Keep Salmon Eggs on the Hook

  1. 23v0lv32

    nice ok Ill try this. This is my first year fishing with roe (normaly a fly guy) and i noticed that it only stays on for 2-3 drifts 🙁 such a hassle

  2. Juan Rasmussen

    can I use premature eggs from a steelhead and cure them? They are so little but I dont want to throw them away.

  3. 37Sith

    I’ve always put a glob of eggs in some clear panty hose and tied them off around the top of the hook. fish don’t notice and I don’t waste the eggs.