JigHeads – Small Creek King Salmon Fishing Show

JigHeads – Small Creek King Salmon Fishing Show
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”HPlTWdeOhX4″ title=”JigHeads – Small Creek King Salmon Fishing Show” upload_time=”2012-10-24T18:56:03.000Z” description=””]
Here is an episode of JigHeads that takes you fishing for King Salmon in one of Lake Michigan’s tiny tributaries.

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  1. fishing a foot of water. what you doing sangging fish. bunch of fucking losers. let them spawn

  2. Look, its obvious that they are flossing the fish and yeah they are most likely spawning there. However, they are returning the fish to the system and don’t seem to be hurting the fish at all. Because of that , let em go and have some fun!

    But, once the fish are in spawn mode, they are no longer eating. They strike out of aggression and that is for territory !

  3. if they have already spawned there is no reason to let them go you might as well keep at least one there gonna die anyways

  4. Good vid, but these are nothing compared to BC Kin Tyee’s. 20lb’s is considered small, 30 lb’s is average, and 60+ lb’s isn’t unheard of.

  5. I fish upstate NY Ontario tribs and there is nothing better than hiking out on those small creeks and having a blast with your buddies with no one else in sight. Those fools that stand elbow to elbow snagging fish a fist fighting over crossed lines is just awful. Those awesome secluded spots are out there if you work for them. Nice day of kings man , cant wait for fall 🙂

  6. 100% flossing. Yes they hit eggs in the river but come on man lol my 4yo daughter has way more skillz.

  7. two things… 1. your rod broke because you’re holding the rod itself not the butt end of it. 2. salmon don’t eat anything unless its early august when they’re still more chrome and have a little desire to grab something before the spawn, but these fish are trying to spawn so when you hook one, it’s due to the current just pushing it into their naturally open mouths.

  8. took half there life to spawn.
    And they don’t bite
    you are basically foul hooking them in there open mouths.

  9. first who there right mind uses mono for there main line this guy is a tool fishing for boots is wat I sau

  10. Fishing over spawning fish and his handling of them and releasing of them is really poor JIGHEAD you are a DICKHEAD

  11. fish has no stomach dude they hit out of instinct picking eggs up so squaw fish white fish suckers jacks dont follow eggs up to spawn area”s. they dont eat once there in river they die after egg lay!!!!

  12. that one just spawned all over your leg while you sat there and talked come on dude them fish are pouring out eggs how many of them eggs due you think survived that dumped out 0 dude they have to do that bed thing just like explain later in you vid. dude this late in life cycle your taking all them fish out of the life cycle them fish you caught wont have strength to spawn let allone have enough eggs left drop egg cycle stopped when you caught these fish stress premature birth!!!!!!

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