Man vs. Wild- Fishing With Fire

Man vs. Wild- Fishing With Fire

Catch Man vs. Wild on Thursdays @ 9 P.M! Or visit| How do you fish with … fire? Watch Bear Grylls catch a blue spotted sting ray off the coast of Borneo using a surprising technique.

24 thoughts on “Man vs. Wild- Fishing With Fire

  1. Daniel Lee

    I think I knew it why his name is bear…..;;
    cuz he ate the animals hearts and brains, ewwwwwwww 🙁

  2. Girom Christian Calica

    Thanks to this video I am able to hunt fish during camping seasons in school and making my classmates drop their jaws.
    Okay, that didn’t happen yet BUT IT WILL.

  3. Camillus Damian

    i used torchlight to catch fish, only effective during night and the fish wouldn’t run. easily catch. 

  4. Toni

    what u idiots don’t understand is how easy is to go to supermarket and buy a fucking fish but hard is to survive in those kinda situations i bet most of you wouldn’t even be able to survive more than a week in that kinda environment and eating your own shit instead.