Puget Sound Pink Salmon Fishing Basics

Puget Sound Pink Salmon Fishing Basics

This video highlights the basics on when, where, and how to catch pink salmon returning to Puget Sound in both marine and freshwaters. Pink salmon fishing lends itself to fishing by both a boat (troll or cast) and shore (lures or flies) at these acrobatic fish during late summer which is ideal for taking out the whole family. For more information tips, tactics and techniques, go to: wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/washington.

16 thoughts on “Puget Sound Pink Salmon Fishing Basics

  1. lockdowng223

    and im planning on going to the point defiance area starting about the 15th will i have any luck?

  2. Urmas Tokhvre

    I’m was the first, 15 years ago who tried to jig and pink squid.Dash Point Park. All laughing))))) Yesterday I was out there, and all !!! were trying squid ))))

  3. kitten kat

    This video was very basic and very informative.  I really appreciate WDFW taking time to simply educate the public not only about the rules but how to go and have a great time in one of the best areas on earth.

  4. deckinstallpros1

    Anybody know of a good guide north of Seattle going to be in the Seattle area the week of the July 27th would love to catch some Humpys

  5. Josh And Jakes Rogue Adventures

    Is pink salmon fishing good around the nisqually delta? When will the pink salmon reach the south puget sound/ marine area 13? Thank you!

  6. Adam Herrera

    Can anyone recommend some good publish fishing shores around Pierce County where it’s not going to get me into trouble?

  7. Nick edward

    does anyone know when the pink salmon will enter marine area 11 in Puget sound? thanks

  8. kyle

    I used to LOVE fishing in the pacific northwest, but I stopped after the Fukushima disaster. Fish aren’t safe to eat in the Pacific anymore.