Red Lightning – Fishing Montana’s backcountry

Red Lightning – Fishing Montana’s backcountry

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For a full story of our trip check us out @ This is our yearly fishing trip that takes us north towards NW Montana in search of feisty native cutthroats. The fish on the last day of the trip fought pound for pound tougher than any other fish I’ve had the chance to hook up on. The scenery is amazing and it’s a yearly must do for us.

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38 thoughts on “Red Lightning – Fishing Montana’s backcountry

  1. Phillip Andrews

    Awesome video. I have fly fished most of Montana, but what is the name of the first song eh?

  2. Mike Honcho

    This is weak as hell. Anyone can catch untouched cutthroats. Get on the Missouri in July with the Tricos and lets see what you can do.

  3. Shaun McGregor

    I really liked the background music. It sounded original and not some country song or some heavy metal BS

  4. danielle Ballard

    I love fishing where i live in Colorado but i have to say that these places in montana are absolutely beautiful. Would love to make it up there someday.

  5. droan999

    The groovy tune is RJD2. Best show missoula has ever witnessed. And these videos fn rule.

  6. Rob Kayser

    Awesome video. I have two weeks until a trip to Glacier NP, and I’m starting to have trouble sleeping. I live in MO, haven’t seen mountains in 7 years, and have no idea what flies to tie up beforehand. Any suggestions on what to tie when I can’t sleep?

  7. RS Marett

    Great video guys. Just got back from fishing the Bighorn out of Ft Smith. Would like to tru some beautiful little creeks and streams like these. Where did you guys go? Tried your website but it was down for maintenance.

  8. mikem909

    Great Video friends.
    I’m in Missoula visiting from California. There’s no fishing like it.
    Love the vids man, can watch these all day

  9. Born UNTAMED

    I love the Bob Marshal Wilderness. I have done a lot of backcountry backpacking and fishing. mainly off the north and south fork of the Sun river and quite a few lakes in there as well. Great video guys!πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š

  10. Russ Walters

    There’s nothing wilderness about this. Get rid of the trucks and walk your asses into the wild.

  11. Gerald G

    Don’t get the need for the mindless music. –Rather hear you and the river. Great video. Hit the mute and enjoy. Vulgarity in the comments is low class.

  12. David H Miller

    Good to show the takes and the fish. And fun when so so casting still yields a strike…been there, done that too! The music is a constant in all these videos, but don’t know why. How about the sound of rushing water. Cut the scenes with the truck and keep the fish in the water to release them as you can still photograph them there up close and not stress them, though 5 seconds out isn’t too bad.

  13. DXWXMX44

    Beautiful – good clear video! Β BTW those are pretty good eating if you know how to fix them.