Renting A Yacht In Cabo

Fishing Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful thing this time of year. The water is perfect, and the fish are biting. We headed out on a week Lon excursion that included some deep-sea diving where we ran into a pretty cool school of sharks. We had baited for Marlin, and in doing so, left a trail of blood and fish carcass a mile long, and these bloodthirsty sharks had found their way to the boat in no time. It was a really cool place to see sharks, and I have heard that notorious shark photographer Dean Karr has photographed sharks there. We fished most of the time and decided to dive last minute, and the diving gear was on board, so why not. We didn’t have a cage for the dive, so we were in the open when we realized there were sharks in the water. While this might startle some, it was a pretty epic experience for me. There was enough chum in the water to keep the sharks distracted and feeding, which made for quite a show.

We rented a chartered Yacht from Gringos Charters, the yacht was beautiful, a real luxury yacht, and we stayed on that for a few days. We brought a private sushi chef from Seattle aboard to make sushimi and other Asian fish dishes that were the bomb! We drank most of the time, bloody marries in the morning, beer mid-day, and some bourbon on the rocks as a nightcap. The waters were pretty calm, and the fish were active. We did some night fishing under the moonlight and caught a few strange fish that were out lurking in the waters. The captain of the boat was terrific, the yacht was in printing condition, and the trip overall was a fantastic success.

Now that I’m back in Seattle, it’s time to get back to work. This blog has been a focus of mine for over a year now, and I haven’t had any great fishing stories to share, so as I begin typing this blog, I want to excited about a more consistent feed of fishing-related adventures. Salmon season will be coming up again, and fishing salmon in Washington State is such a fun time. Some of the best restaurants in Seattle purchase local seafood because of the fresh quality, well, we brought back some fantastic fish from Cabo San Lucas that we will be trying to sell at Pikes Place Market. It’s my goal to charter a yacht every quarter and fish different parts of the Pacific Ocean for quality fish.

Soon we will be chartering a yacht to Alaska, where we will be fishing for King Salmon and Alaskan King Crab. Finding an Alaskan Yacht Charter that can navigate those fridged waters will be crucial to the success of this adventure. We will not be diving in those Alaskan waters for anything, and those waters are so-called that we will be begging to be back in the waters of Cabo fishing off the deck of a charter yacht with the warm sunshine beating down on our backs. I won’t complain though, and we won’t be that miserable on a luxury yacht, again equipped with a personal chef, we will be eating our share of excellent seafood as we collect enough fish to sell back to local restaurants in Seattle. It’s a goal of mine to become successful enough to sell fresh fish to the Tom Douglas line of restaurants in the downtown area.

Hey guys, thanks for checking out the blog. We will be adding more pictures and video content as we start to grow this side of our business. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to learn more about our adventures and time spent out on the open waters.