Spirit bear / Kermode bear catching and eating salmon

Spirit bear / Kermode bear catching and eating salmon

Spirit (Kermode) bears catching and eating salmon, Gribbell Island, Riordan River, Great Bear Rainforest, West Canada.
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38 thoughts on “Spirit bear / Kermode bear catching and eating salmon

  1. Big Fitzg

    was this aphoto op for the benefit of the photographers if so they are doin a disservice to an otherwise majestic bear they make em look like some kinda shoplifters , scared to make a move

  2. Yeah Sure

    Bears go for the egg sacks for the high fat content and usually leave the majority of the fish in tact. The shots of the bear eating the ‘dead’ salmon is late in the season. It has some pretty good weight on it by this time too. Nice video.

  3. Daniel Mandel

    Looks like all the salmon are dying from the end of the spawn looks like it’s gonna be winter soon

  4. yul gre

    I don’t trust these photo journalist, they put frozen dead salmon in the water and the bear is finding them.

  5. triumphmanful

    Are the photographers in any danger ? Will the bears attack ? Anyone have a weapon for protection ? Very scary, but Grizzlies are prone to charge in my research.

  6. plumeria66

    Lions and tigers are more dangerous. You couldn’t just watch them in the wild without being inside a car.

  7. Cynthia Poindexter

    hastya fyi this Kermode/spirit bear is extremely rare and endangered and there is only less than 400 left in the world 😩😥😭

  8. Nikola Tesla

    I will make this fluffball a nice plate of sashimi and watch Brother Bear with him.

  9. drepop803

    ive never heard of these bears. I thought this was a cross between a polar and a Kodiak.

  10. The Mad Toker

    1 it’s not cool feeding bears to get a picture ..they need to fear all people to keep them safe from hunters . you being that close is stupid when you get eaten then the bear gets killed (just for a picture). i hate people like u

  11. Thuong Nguyen

    it’s a hybrid. you can tell some physical traits of a polar. like its front legs and paws. narrow long snoat

  12. WildlifeObsessed

    Was this a ‘Pizzly’ – cross breed between Polar Bear and Grizzly …. ? Colour is very pale.