Survival Fishing – Catch Clean and Cook Salmon Stream Side!

Survival Fishing – Catch Clean and Cook Salmon Stream Side!

On this episode I go for a walk creek side, come to find out was stuffed with fresh chrome Coho Salmon! I thought heck why not cook one up to recharge my arm after some healthy Lip Ripping! Hope ya Enjoy! I sure did making this Video if you did as well thumbs UP! !! Thanks helps me Out!

27 thoughts on “Survival Fishing – Catch Clean and Cook Salmon Stream Side!

  1. Duane Armstrong

    I don’t fish. I never have, and probably never will. I don’t even know why one of your videos showed up in my suggestions list on YouTube. But after watching it, I couldn’t stop watching your videos. There’s something about watching your fishing videos that’s very calming and relaxing. Better believe I have hit that subscribed button.

  2. Black River Rambler

    Where does a person go when the snows up to the gonads , and the rivers frozen a foot or so , and it’s minus 20 without the windchill? And they’re jonesin some running rivers and fishin fury?!
    This got damn channel right here!
    The tug is the drug!!

  3. KUSHIEbudz 420

    That was a lot of bites for fall fishing for salmon. They don’t usually bite when they run the creeks in the fall to spawn most Anglers have to force-feed them meaning director your hook into their mouth with the current. By the looks of those fish I’d imagine you’re in the Great Lakes region

  4. Kurt Schmid

    Yep..absolutely my kind of channel, wish I discovered it before. Just checked out your videos, great work Aaron.. sub!

  5. sejdaren Ilmarinen

    nice fish…but just by looking at it it seems a bit dry…i never splitt a fish like that but cook it whole so the skin keeps all the nice juices in on both sides. another nice “trick” is to put wet moss on the fire and place the fish on it and some wet moss above a steamcooked smoked flavour, recomend it deaply

  6. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    Using lighter, fishing rode aint really survival. You should have just said fishing and cooking salmon in the wild. Good video though.